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What We Do

We Produce Music For TV Film and Advertising

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Invisible Dreams
My Differences
Passionate Flow
Softly Whispered
The Inspiration
Touch of Colour
In Your Arms
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We write and produce vocals, music and audio for commercial releases

The ultimate sound

Outstanding vocal and music production is what we do.  For streaming services and for our apps.

We write lyrics and music

We write daily producing thousands of songs every year.  Genres such as R&B, Pop, Funk and Dance to name a few.

Vocal & Songwriting

Lyrics, vocal and music production

Efficient daily songwriting, producing new songs daily.   

Vocal editing and tuning

Vocals are the most important part of a song, whether it’s a natural or synthetic style can be be achieved with the latest vocals tuning and synth plugins.

Music to match lyrics and vocals style

We quickly produce music to match lyrics, producing a completed song in day is what we’ve been doing for years.

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Music Apps

Music apps for enjoyment and relaxation

We’re master music producers, producing thousands of instrumental songs for or apps.

Music education apps

We believe in music education made simple, from mobile to laptop or desktop we believe educating music production on all platforms.