Audio, Music and App Production

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Invisible Dream
My Differences
Passionate Flow
Softly Whispered
Th Inspiration
Touch of Colour
In Your Arms
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Hopeful Bedtime
Light Happiness
Function of Snooze
Gutsy Tradition
Lounge Coffee
Hold Me Down
My Kind of Triumph
Forever Afternoon
Products & Services

What We Do

We are audio, vocal, music and app producers

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Vocals & Songwriting

Songwriting, vocals, audio advertising and voice over production

Music Production

We produce mix and master state of the art music for recording artists, TV film and video games 

myamp audio and apps

Music Apps

We build music and education apps 

Produccts & Services

Songwriting, Audio, Music and App Production

Always On Time

Hard Working

Flexible & Available


What Our Clients Say?

MY AMP is amazing!!
Amanda Lee
CEO & Founder Crix
Thank you for delivering exactly what we needed on time.
Adam Cheise
Director at Dynamic
Awesome service you guys delivered our songs mixed and mastered to perfection.
Catherine Gilbert
Director at Initech